doc holiday

Parade watchers enjoy last year’s annual Doc Holli-DAYS parade on Allen Street in Tombstone.

TOMBSTONE — Doc Holli-DAYS returns to Tombstone this weekend, with modifications to fit the current times.

The three-day celebration of Doc Holliday starts Friday and ends Sunday in the Town Too Tough to Die. Special celebrity guests for this year’s affair are Buck Taylor, Peter Sherayko and Billy Zane. In-person meet and greets will take place with Taylor and Sherayko, while virtual meetings will be held with Zane. Taylor will be at Bronco Trading, Sherayko will be at Smoke Signals and Zane’s virtual meeting will be at a new business in town, Tombstone Magic.

Crowd gatherings will be closely monitored to keep with state guidelines. There will not be a parade to avoid a large gathering of people. Gunfight crowds will be limited and monitored.

The Tombstone Vigilettes will be raffling off baskets in the city park. On Saturday and Sunday they are hosting the Teddy Bear Picnic. Attendees will receive a free raffle ticket for every new teddy bear that is donated.

The donated bears will be given to local law enforcement agencies and fire districts that are running low on stuffed animals, which they use as comfort items for children. The Teddy Bear Picnic is a good way for kids to be more involved in the annual event.

For information visit the events Facebook page: The Annual DOC Holli-DAYS.