Cindy Weir

WILLCOX — Phoenix-based folk singer and poet Cindy Weir will be delivering a live performance Friday night on the new Palace of Art and Theater stage in downtown Willcox at 7 p.m.

According to the singer’s bio on her website, “Cindy explores the innate secret beauty within our human nature by looking, listening, learning and creating an Artful Life.”

“A visionary songwriter and musician, she creates and performs live, original music, she refers to as ‘Dream Folk,’ because folks ‘need to dream!’ Expressing themes of self-awareness, compassion, mindfulness, and transformation, her unique, organic style infuses creative acoustic guitar harmonies, fluid grooves, inspired vocal melodies and poetic lyric imagery.”

”Truly a collaborative artist, she conceives and creates music, as a vehicle for healing, transformation, growth and social change, in a variety of settings, with a range of diverse audiences,” her bio states. “Each song is a magical journey, into the wonders of her world, where the heart and soul speak to the mind.”

In addition to performing live in a concert setting, like she will be Friday night, Weir also performs in hospitals for “patients and their families” on behalf of Musicians On Call.

MOC is “a national organization that brings the healing power of live music.”

In 2014, in order “to create and promote original music,” Weir established Song Blossom LLC. The music practice is “devoted to developing songwriters, the craft of writing, creating community, and nurturing musical expression,” according to her website.

Weir’s work with MOC was recently mentioned in Arizona Magazine and in author Gayla M. Mills’ book “Making Music For Life: Rediscover Your Musical Passion” that was released back in August 2019.

Tickets for the show are available at