Wendy Conger, superintendent of Bowie Unified, dressed up in a cowgirl outfit  for the Tombstone Parade in October.  

BOWIE — After 33 years of service to education. Six of those years to Bowie Unified School District, Superintendent Wendy Conger is tendering her non-renewal effective at the end of the spring 2021 semester.

Conger has asked for a superintendent search to be completed through the Arizona School Boards Association.

“Bowie Schools definitely needs a unique leader to meet the upcoming and unforeseen challenges in rural education,” Conger said. “I wish them the best of luck and certainly do thank them for all of the learning opportunities provided to me. It’s been an exciting six-year ride. Go Panthers!”

In her non-renewal letter to Bowie school board President Mike Myers dated Nov. 9, Conger opened with, “It is with mixed emotions that I notify you that I am not seeking renewal for my position as Superintendent of the Bowie Unified School District effective June 30, 2021. I will not be seeking renewal of my contract and will complete my contractual responsibilities through that date. I have appreciated being part of the Bowie Unified School and at the completion of my contract on June 30, 2021, it will be time for me to move on to other opportunities.”

Conger addressed the rest of the leadership team at Bowie Unified.

“We have provided strong leadership establishing a sense of direction and putting students first in every decision we make,” she said.

“With our leadership we have accomplished: filling all teaching positions with high quality staff, receiving certification for the Bowie High School as an Arizona Online Certified School, maintaining governing board approved student: teacher ratio during pandemic times, awards of over hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants, decreasing expenditures while maintaining a balanced budget with minimal student impact, implementing professional development for administrators and teachers to create achievement and enhancement of effective teaching and learning; most of it provided free of charge, raising Bowie Elementary’s letter grade from a ‘D’ to ‘B’ from ADE site visit, awarded most improved school by the Cochise County Superintendent’s office 2019, increased enrollment over any period of time (currently 70 without preschool), increased security on campus, increased safety of all school vehicles including revival and certification of the school bus.”

In closing, Conger highlighted her hopes for the future of the school district.

“There are so many more achievements that have occurred during my tenure, and these are only the most significant highlights that supported our progress and academic achievement of students. It is my sincere hope that the Bowie School District 14 continues to grow and see the future success that is desired. I wish the community and the district only the very best success in the future and it is my hope that the momentum will continue to support the educational advancement of all. Thank you again for the opportunity.”

Conger updated the Herald/Review on the members of Bowie Unified School Board for 2021.

“Mike Myers, been on the board for 10 years in various capacities, pastor at the Baptist Church and clergy for the Bowie Volunteer Fire Department; John Klump, been on the board for about a year and a half, graduated from Bowie Schools along with his six sons and his own father; Jeff Goodman, business owner in Bowie.”

New to the board is, “Armando Portugal, manager of a farm company in Bowie and Riley Klump, graduate of Bowie and employed by Dos Cabezas Ranching.”

Conger added some reasons why she felt obligated to write the letter in an email to the Herald/Review.

”It is best to retire on a positive note. I did get $6,600 from the school facilities board to help repair the leaky roof in the elementary school yesterday. I still have the high school roof, the cesspool, broken elevator and ADA compliancy bathroom to pay for ( funding that is).”