Housing has always been an area of concern and interest for residents in Willcox. Dilapidated homes, insufficient multi-room homes and lack of affordable homes to name a few problems.

On Jan. 19, the city partnered with the Planning and Zoning Commission to hold a special open house at the community center. The purpose of the meeting was to allow residents to express their concerns about housing and to introduce new ideas that might combat those issues.

During that meeting a presentation was given on tiny homes, accessory dwelling units, and building requirements and permitted uses on residential zones. Tiny homes was not a popular topic among many of the attendees and there was some confusion about how accessory dwellings units (an accessory dwelling unit is a secondary structure on the property of the main building that covers less than 25% of the rear yard. Examples: private garage for storage of vehicles, greenhouses, pergolas and arbors) can be a solution to housing concerns.

The city decided to create a survey first, inform people about the varying terms; second, collect data on the importance of each issue, and third to give context regarding steps the city is willing to take to combat those issues by laying out solutions. Mixed-use developments in commercial zones was another solution that was decided to be added in after the open house meeting (mixed-use development allows homes and businesses to be intertwined.)

The city is still in the process of collecting data. The survey closes March 17 at 11:59 p.m.