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COCHISE COUNTY- A blast from the past stirred up dust on Tuesday as local authorities detonated a grenade.

According to the Cochise County Sheriff Department, a resident found the grenade near West Packing Plant Road around noon Tuesday and alerted the police.

The Cochise County Sheriff Department Explosive Ordnance Division and the Arizona Department of Public Safety were called to the scene and a DPS robot placed the grenade in a special compartment and detonated it at the Willcox police range.  

“It was a World War Two Mk 2 grenade filled with TNT,” said Chief Public Security Dale Hadfield.

Hadfield had no idea how the grenade could have wound up there and was amazed it hadn't detonated on its own over the years.

“It had been run over by lawn mowers and for whatever reason it was found that day,” Hadfield said.

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