When Liz Tenney, a Willcox parent and business owner, heard Duncan parents were putting on an independent prom for their kids, an idea was sparked.

If the locals were interested in sponsoring and putting in volunteer hours, why couldn’t the community hold a prom for kids in the Willcox, Bowie and San Simon area?

“I thought half of us parents have already bought dresses and shoes and spent on the money on our kids to go to prom, so what couldn’t we have a prom?” said Tenney.

After asking people on Facebook if they were interested in a homemade prom, Tenney said locals stepped up. A member of the Willcox Elks Lodge worked with Tenney so the prom could be located outside of the building and from then on Tenney said the pieces fell into place.

“Everyone is really rallying together in this town,” said Tenney. “I feel like I’m doing more delegating than doing the actual work.”

Tenney said the parental support and feedback has been amazing. A food truck will be at the event and a DJ has volunteered to play music for the celebration. Tenney is buying materials to build a portable dance floor. Tenney said she received some help from the Willcox junior high prom committee, but said aside from this the Wililcox schools are not organizing any other part of the homemade prom.

Grades 9 through 12 are invited to the unofficial prom celebration outside of the Willcox Elk Lodge on June 13. The event starts at 7:30 pm, with music and dancing until 11 pm. The Willcox Elks Lodge is located at 247 East Stewart Street in Willcox.

If anyone is interested in volunteering or contributing to it they may contact Tenney at business, Shear Tease in Willcox, or by phone (520) 221-7711.

Combining junior and senior prom grades together, Tenney said kids from all local schools including El Frida and homeschooling teens are welcome.

Bowie Superintendent Wendy Conger will be purchasing cookies and sodas.

“I’m just excited we’re going to be doing something together,” said Conger.

Conger said the Bowie seniors never have a prom since their graduating classes are so small, so she is ecstatic they can experience this celebration.

“Everyone is chipping in so it shouldn’t have to cost anything,” said Conger. “The kids are really happy. They’re going to have a king and queen from each school.”

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