Gonzalo Dominguez

Gonzalo Dominguez

A Willcox-area man was arrested Saturday evening in an alleged domestic violence case in the Winchester Estates area, north of Willcox.

At 4:45 p.m., Oct. 1, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) received a report that 29-year-old Gonzalo Dominguez had stolen a women’s car with four children inside, said CCSO Spokeswoman Carol Capas.

While en route to the scene at MacDonald Street, Sheriff’s Deputies learned that Dominguez was outside the vehicle and had a knife in his hand, she said.

Upon arrival, deputies saw a Hispanic male walking down Heather Street with an unknown object in his hand, Capas said.

Deputies stopped their vehicle behind Dominguez, ordering him to put his hands up and get on the ground, she said.

When Dominguez put his hands up, deputies discovered he had a 40-ounce beer bottle in his right hand, Capas said.

Initially deputies did not see a knife, however, during a pat down search they found a six-inch knife in the front pocket of his pants, she said.

Initial investigation indicated that Dominguez’ brother was inside the car with his girlfriend, his eight-year-old daughter and his two-year-old son when Dominguez attempted to get inside, Capas said.

When the brother refused to let Dominguez into the car, he became angry and began violently kicking the car and trying to pry open the door, she said.

Dominguez was arrested and booked into Cochise County Jail on charges of domestic violence/criminal damage; domestic violence/threatening; endangerment; and recklessly handling a weapon, Capas said.

The investigation continues.