WILLCOX — The city of Willcox has revised and relaunched a survey aimed at gathering information from local business leaders in the interrelated industries of food, ranching and farming about how they might benefit from taking part in Startup Tucson’s partnership with the USDA grant program.

The purpose is to achieve the goal of “increasing financial security for food producers by helping them advance their technology, business models, and to expose them to new online customers through a one-stop shop platform,” according to the city of Willcox’s Facebook page.

Mercy Okoye, on behalf of the city, emphasized “Startup Tucson wanted to get an idea of the ways that it can support the agriculture and food industry in Willcox through their grant. They sent me a set of questions to release. Startup Tucson USDA is working to support rural communities through their USDA grant which supports in the following ways: building free eCommerce website for farmers to weather COVID and beyond; a 12-week accelerator helping entrepreneurs build new food businesses and diversify revenue; a regional portal for folks to buy local products and book tourist activities and events; (and) help create a unified and supportive food system among small scale farmers, ranchers, restaurants, and food distributors.”