WILLCOX — The city council discussed things that the city wants to focus on in performance reviews of their employees moving forward.

City Manager Caleb Blaschke kicked off the conversation by highlighting the need for quality work over the amount of time it takes them to get a project done.

“We always have employees that take their time, take their time,” he said. “We don’t want them to take their time. We want them to do quality work, but we also want them to get stuff done. Effective use of resources.

“Attendance and punctuality. Teamwork. Customer service, that’s a huge one for our customers. This goes for all city employees. Work effort. Safety initiatives.”

Blaschke also referenced how he benefited from overseeing performance evaluations while working for the city of Flagstaff.

Vice Mayor Tim Bowlby, an employee of Valley Telecommunications in Willcox, added that in his experience working in a manager position, he found it more beneficial when he wasn’t just reviewed for his individual performance, but instead how his performance impacts those other employees that he directly supervises.

Blaschke added they started doing performance reviews differently in 2020 after seeing ways that they could do them better.

“Some of my best feedback that I’ve ever received is from my employees that I’m working with,” Bowlby said. “Things that I’m not seeing that they’re seeing. Things that my manager is looking at that I’m maybe not looking at.

“That helped me find the areas that were missing.”

The discussion ended with a little more back and forth before council wrapped up their meeting.