WILLCOX — During the next city council meeting on Thursday, March 18, council members will discuss a “temporary group to present/guide the Master Plan for Downtown Willcox,” otherwise known as a steering committee.

This group is aptly named, “The Willcox Branding Stakeholder Group,” and will include Rod Keeling, Willcox wine country/business owner; Mary Peterson, Chamber of Commerce president/business owner; Gayle Berry, Willcox Theater and Arts; Greg Hancock, Councilmember/hotel owner; Dayna Suorsa, Source of Coffee; Jeff Wiley, restaurant owner; Graciela Salas, restaurant owner; and Gladys Olsen, Rex Allen Museum president.

Living inside city limits is not a requirement for membership.

The purpose of the stakeholder group is to “define the community’s vision and devise revitalization strategies to enhance vibrancy, economic development and quality of life in downtown Willcox by identifying the downtown boundaries and corridors to make downtown walkable, establishing policies for street furniture on Railroad Park, identifying brownfields and underutilized properties, soliciting community feedback at a community open house regarding the Master Plan and review documents and review changes from the consultant, Stantec.”

Stantec is a design and consulting company located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Stantec will conduct an area-wide planning study for downtown, focusing on an eight-block area along the railroad tracks between McCourt and Delos streets.

The group will meet three to five times.

The public can engage this topic during the city council meeting and at any future open houses.