WILLCOX — City Manager Caleb Blaschke has another presentation for the City Council.

The focus will be on the future spending needs of the city regarding the golf course, library and other leisure activities within the city.

Blaschke will be presenting his PowerPoint Thursday during a special meeting of the City Council and will have a subsequent discussion with Mayor Mike Laws and Vice Mayor Tim Bowlby.

One major item of discussion that Laws and Blaschke have highlighted is the city’s need to have a discussion alongside public input of the needs versus the cost of adding more golf carts at the golf course.

This sort of spending has been considered a capital investment by Blachke. The budget associated with the purchase of the golf carts is separate from the city’s fleet contract that they have going with Enterprise car rental for city vehicles.

Laws has expressed to the Herald/Review just how expensive purchasing a golf cart is, a consideration that Blaschke also has acknowledged.

According to Laws, the city would love to hear input from those who need the carts, versus those younger folks who can able to walk.

A recap of the presentation and the council discussion will be in next week’s count edition of the Herald/Review.