A Willcox man is sitting in the Cochise County Jail after telling authorities he hired a man in Florida to kill a former girlfriend. The intended victim was never harmed.

Alton Bailey, 50, told authorities he traveled to Florida, met with a man in front of the Trinity Homeless Shelter in Jacksonville and paid him $2,500 to kill the woman, according to detective’s report.

Bailey told police he doesn’t know the man he hired and he didn’t say why he chose to travel to Florida, only that he liked to travel.

Bailey contacted Willcox police while he was riding the Greyhound bus back to Willcox from Florida. Officers met Bailey at the bus stop and escorted him to the police department on July 8 for interviews and booking.

The report said Bailey admitted to hiring the man while in a rage because he wanted his former girlfriend to get out of the house they both own.

Bailey also admitted to sending messages and emails to the victim as well as her friends and family. In one of the messages he detailed how he would kill the victim himself because he was stealthy and could get away with it, according to the report.

According to the report, Bailey said he was not in his right mind when he hired the man because he was enraged and believed his intended victim conned him out of his portion of the house.

He was booked into jail without incident on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder, harassment and stalking. He is being held without bond.

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