WILLCOX— The third-party company Willdan sent associates to present a gas rate study at the end of the Wilcox City Council special meeting on June 3.

During that presentation the associates highlighted what changes need to be made to the current gas rates associated with the city of Willcox-run gas company and how these changes will affect those citizens and commercial businesses located within city limits.

Additionally, “utility costs are going up at the rate of 5 to 6% per year. 30 to 40% of publicly owned utilities charge rates that do not cover their costs. It’s not good to have less than what it costs for you to produce. Rate adjustments are primarily due to reasons beyond a utility’s control— aging infrastructure, system replacement, inflation, etc. 20 to 30% of ratepayer charges are to fund purchases of gas supply and transportation — city has no control over these costs,” according to Willdan associates.