QUESTION: How many traffic tickets were issued in any one month period for tailgating or not using a turn signal? — Bob Cook

ANSWER: Believe it or not, there is such a thing as being too close on the road, no matter if it’s on Fry Boulevard or State Route 92, and turn signals aren’t optional.

While monthly citations for following to closely and failure to use a turn signal were not available, Sgt. Brian Sebastian of the Sierra Vista Police Department said seven citations have been given for following too closely this year, and six citations have been written this year for failure to use a turn signal.

“Following too closely and failure to use a turn signal are often material for warnings,” he said. “People are pulled over but not given a ticket.”

The safe and legal distance, which the courts use and follow, to be driving behind another car is two seconds behind, dependent on speed and a turn signal “is required when your movement is going to affect traffic.”

Sebastian said in two accidents a citation for following too closely was issued and in another two accidents citations for failure to use a signal were written as they are factors that contributed to each of the accidents.

“It will be forever something we try and improve,” he told the Herald/Review. “We need the public to pay more attention.”

In comparison, 156 speeding tickets have been given this year, as of June 11. Sebastian says speeding tickets are issued more often because they are easier to prove and more tangible because of the radars than following too closely and failure to use a turn signal.

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