Zelda Mulvaney, 56

SIERRA VISTA — Zelda Mulvaney passed away and was freed from this life’s earthly restriction on March 10, 2021. She overcame much in her younger days to become the feisty, strong, beloved mother and grandmother that is greatly missed.

Overcoming adversity and rolling with life’s punches defined Zelda. She was a strong-minded no-nonsense kind of woman who loved her family with everything she had. Zelda left a huge impact on anyone she met for better or for worse and cared very little of what they thought. She was an honest woman and warrior. She remembered that in life, it is the little things that make a difference and the thought that counts.

Although Zelda only was able to share 56 years with us on this earth, her legacy of loyalty, overcoming obstacles, and honesty will be with those who knew her for a lifetime.

Zelda is survived by her son, Charles Mulvaney III, her two daughters, Taneshia Mulvaney and Heather Mulvaney, her four grandchildren, Cash, Lucille, Rowan and Clint and her dog, Grit. There are no services scheduled.

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