Are you thinking about gardening now? We at Good Morning HQ are just trying to keep some sad plants alive until the next big freeze. The Sierra Vista Garden Club, however, is thinking about the future. They got surveillance cameras for the Community Gardens and had some moderately successful fundraisers. To give their coffers a boost, Chipotle is giving the Club a fundraiser Saturday, November 9. Fans of the Club and fans of burrito bowls can stop in and tell the fine servers that they are there for the Sierra Vista Community Gardens, who will then get 30% of all monies Chipotle makes between 4 and 8 p.m. A win-win-win: Chipotle, The Gardens, and you.

Yesterday was National Stress Awareness Day. The way things are going, we should watch the stress all year. Today is the anniversary, according to, of the Ensisheim Meteorite striking a wheat field in 1492 near the village of Ensisheim in France. It’s the oldest meteorite with a known date of impact. says that most meteorites hitting the earth are a pound or less, though you would not want to be hit by one travelling at over 200 mph. Bill Cooke and Althea Moorhead of NASA’s Meteoroid Environments Office say that what’s worse could be the shockwave of a meteor breaking up in the atmosphere. They told about a six-story meteor that exploded in 2013 over Russia, 15 miles above the ground. The shockwave injured 1600 people. Even reading about this is stressful.

Many people counteract stress with chocolate, so they are ready to celebrate Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day. According to almonds go back to King Tut’s tomb. Almonds aren’t really nuts; they are drupes, a fruit with a fleshy body and a hard seed. They are a sane choice for a snack, rich in Vitamins B and E. We are supposed to coat these beauties with chocolate that is at least 35% chocolate liquor with a minimum of sugar. Or we can eat them extemporaneously, chocolate bar in one hand, almonds in the other.

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