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Today, according to onthisday.com, is the anniversary of the end of Prohibition. The 21st Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified, repealing the 18th Amendment. This happened in 1933, ending fourteen years of what was supposed to be alcohol free American life. The amendment was a goal of the women’s temperance movement. Women had had enough of husbands drinking up their pay on Friday and leaving them home with starving children. Women could not vote, so they had to convince the men that could to change the Constitution. According to history.com, Prohibition was almost impossible to enforce. Arrests for drunkenness did decline, and consumption did drop by 30%. The heavy hand of the law fell primarily on small towns and rural areas with family vineyards. Cities were a different story. Speakeasies prospered, and one could come in for a drink, as long as you had the money and knew the password. People made booze at home in bathtubs, but criminal gangs grew and flourished, made rich by illegal alcohol.

“The Feds” tried to stop the conversion of industrial alcohol to the drinkable sort by increasing the amount of methanol. A Slate article by Deborah Blum details the killing of at least 10,000 people, poisoned by their government.

We’re glad to happily imbibe over the holidays or not, leaving the decision to do so up to ourselves and the often conflicting claims of health gurus on the internet.

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