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How do you feel about the majority of Cochise County Sheriff’s Office and Sierra Vista Police employees declining to get vaccinated?

“It is no one’s business but my own regarding anything about my medical history — regardless of what I do in life. What happened to privacy in America? Replaced by COVID Gestapo.” — Mike Ligon

“It worries me. What do they know that we don’t. Do they have a good reason? I’ve put my trust in the medical experts and have had my first Moderna shot, and will get my second one later this month. I believe it’s safe. While it’s their choice not to get one it gives a bad impression to the general public. I’d like to hear from some of them as to their reason why.” — Walt Broughton

“It’s an interesting world we live in where both for and not for profit hospital associations can require their employees to get vaccines but a Sheriff’s department can’t. Presumably, a sheriff would be within his right to turn to his officers and say, “there’s a man behind that barricaded door, he’s armed and a threat to the public safety, I’m ordering you to neutralize the threat...” but that same sheriff can’t turn to those same officers and say “we are an essential service and by the nature of what we do we must come in contact with the public. There is a public health menace out there and I’m ordering you to be part of the solution...”

But I’m no attorney or doctor, what do I know about anything. I’m sure the best and brightest minds have confirmed this is the only reasonable course of action.” — Daniel A de la Vera

“I work at one of said hospitals and we are NOT required to take the vaccine. It is strongly encouraged but not required. This is still a personal choice and I appreciate the FREEDOM to do so.” — Dawn Goad

“I have wondered how many LOCAL healthcare professionals have opted out. I’ve been curious, but afraid to ask on a public forum because I didn’t want to start something that might cause backlash.. Thank you for your honesty!” — Michele Eberhardt

“Just more proof that, with lots of help from the interwebs, a lie, or, in this case, a half truth, can make its way around the world before the truth can lace up. There is so much pure bull hockey out there about this vaccine, invented out of nowhere, it’s little wonder some folks are playing it cautiously.

Either our health care professionals need to do a better job in ‘splaining things to the citizenry at large or we need to get Alcoa to ramp up production so’s we can hand out millions of aluminum foil hats.” — Kurt Obermeier

Betty Tracy asked, “What is your motive for joining this forum?”

“I like the fact it’s monitored and has real journalism input. Primary reason (respectful communication is mandatory and we have it) is basically the same reason I used to subscribe to the Arizona Range News, and now the SV Herald. Hometown content.” — Wayne Switzer