There is something to be said about the open civil and productive exchange of ideas and dialogue in a community forum setting.

That’s exactly what occurred last week when interested stakeholders assembled in the multipurpose center at St. David School District. The forum was spurred on by a social media post that quickly elicited a growing thread of comments.

But rather than provide fodder for the social media pages, St. David School administrators opted to continue the conversation in a public and open forum to which the public was invited.

What transpired was an exercise in the productive and free exchange of ideas, in a civil and caring manner. Imagine that, in these tumultuous days, where ridiculing or banishing those with opposing views to “like it or leave it” seem the norm. We’re glad to say that certainly was not the case at Thursday’s forum.

With the date already planned for an informal “Pastries for Parents,” school administrators quickly formulated the dual-purpose forum.

The open discussion and corresponding reciprocation in civility is not only refreshing, it speaks to the integrity of each and every person in attendance.

The gathering, which elicited a wealth of information, was enlightening for the parents in attendance and for St. David Superintendent of Schools Arleen Kennedy, Principal Andrew Brogan and sitting school board member Katie Miller, too. Each said as much. The gathering was so well received, attendees offered a hearty applause at its conclusion.

Much was discussed, much was covered and much was learned. It was “win-win” all the way around with proper focus being on betterment for our school kids. But more importantly it also shows how meaningful dialogue can lead to positive and productive outcome.