It’s not rain, it’s smoke.

The Huachuca Mountains have been shrouded in haze for the past few days, raising hopes that Sierra Vista and the southwest corner of Cochise County would see some rainfall.

Late Tuesday, the Fort Huachuca Fire Department issued a statement on its Facebook page.

“The Fort Huachuca Fire Department and the U.S. Forest Service want to reassure our community that the hazy skies today are due to residual smoke from the California wildfires and are not an indication of a fire on or in the vicinity of Fort Huachuca.”

The Bobcat and El Dorado fires are burning in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, which is having a dramatic impact all over the southwestern United States. Santa Ana winds, also known as ‘devil winds’ are fanning the flames and creating hazardous air conditions.

If you have breathing difficulties, it’s best to stay inside in the air conditioning.

Congratulations to the Benson Historical Museum, which is expanding its presence to that city’s main thoroughfare, Fourth Street.

The museum’s main building is located on the corner of Fifth and San Pedro streets. It doesn’t generate the volume of traffic that officials desire, so the expansion will provide a visible, easy access location that is more likely to draw in tourists.

“Once we’re open at the Fourth Street location, we will be selling tickets for a two-part tour that will begin at the new building and continue to the main museum,” Museum Director Judy Lee said. “I’m so excited about the potential that this new opportunity creates for our museum because it increases space for more exhibits. It also increases the potential for more visitors.”

Similar excitement is happening in Willcox where the newly-reformed Chamber of Commerce is proposing an “Art Alley.”

Anyone who knows Willcox may already be familiar with the alleyway located between buildings that front on Maley and Stewart streets in that city’s downtown. The Chiricahua Regional Museum fronts on Maley and around the corner, the Willcox Historic Theater and near-by Palace building are easily accessible.

The idea is to create murals and other art displays along the walls of the alleyway, encouraging people to walk through the downtown.

Project organizers held their first meeting Tuesday and the reception of those who attended was generally positive.

It’s a solemn day in the United States.

Due to the pandemic, we’re sure the usual events honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice on and after September 11, 2001, have been scaled back.

That shouldn’t stop every one of us from taking a few minutes to reflect on our journey since that terrorist act happened in New York City on the second Tuesday in September.

Don’t let the day pass without remembering those who have sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today.

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