We always like hearing from Betty Mroz, a former school teacher who has made education her lifetime passion. Ms. Mroz is a loyal newspaper reader, a true community citizen and a genuinely kind person.

The fuss over the Pledge of Allegiance spurred her to drop us a note last week.

She writes: “No child should be coerced into saying the pledge but saying it in gratitude for this great country is an honor and privilege.”

She also offered an insight on state support for gambling, a growing discussion in Arizona.

“I thought gambling was an individual choice just like using marijuana. However, individuals need to be aware of the consequences of their choices as laws exist to protect citizens, not prevent consequences.”

Truer words have rarely been said.

Betty was a columnist for this newspaper for a number of years, writing “Ready to Learn.” Her popularity went beyond the circulation of this publication, and her column was eventually picked up by other newspapers.

We also received a comment from Michele, who believes: “ … we should go back to pre-1954 when Under God was not a part of the pledge.”

Pandemic or not, spring training has returned to Arizona.

Tickets are now on sale for Diamondback games at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale beginning Sunday, February 28, when Arizona plays the Colorado Rockies.

Seating capacity is limited, social distancing will be enforced and face masks will likely be required, but getting back to baseball represents the first resemblance of a return to “normal.”

Those restrictions don’t mean you’re going to find a bargain if you’re planning a trip to any of the parks where 15 major league teams will be playing in the Phoenix area. Diamondback tickets range from $54 to $135 for spring training games. If you’re a Dodgers fan, seeing last year’s world champs will cost you between $96 and $162, depending where you want to sit.

Whatever happened to the days when a family of four could see a game and enjoy a hot dog for less than a “c-note?”

Looks like March will usher in warmer weather, sunny skies and a return to spring. Average daily high temperatures increase by six degrees, from 66 to 72, rarely falling below 56 or exceeding 81 degrees. Daily low temperatures increase by five degrees, from 43 to 47, rarely falling below 34 or exceeding 55.

That means we’re getting into the growing season!

If you’re looking for an informational website, tailored to Cochise County, consider the Master Gardeners at: cals.arizona.edu/cochise/mg.

It’s a place to ask questions, find out more about gardening, dealing with pests, care and maintenance, even animal life.

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