The event listing program, Evvnt, that serves the Herald/Review (and a slew of other news and entertainment calendars) is off to a good start. Many people and organizations (which are of course people too) have figured out how to list their events. Those events appear online 24/7 until the event has passed. We use those listings to compile our daily calendars and Friday’s What’s Happenin’.

We also use other sources of events, including paper calendars and posters ripped from bulletin boards and lampposts. Just kidding, we take notes. If you want to drop off a poster at 12 Main St. in Bisbee or at 102 Fab in Sierra Vista, you can do that too.

If you want to enter your event into Evvnt yourself, you need: 1. All the who, what, where, and how much info you would normally provide; 2. An online presence. Evvnt needs a Facebook or other social media page, website, LinkedIn — something; 3. At least one photo. Evvnt acts like it needs three, but one will do; 4. An email address. If you don’t have one, get one from gmail or Yahoo or make one up. If you have a fake email, use a real phone number.

Go to myherald Click on Calendar Events at the top. Click on +Promote Your Event. You’ll be asked to choose a promotion level. You can always choose “Free,” but Evvnt can get your message out much farther than Cochise County. Follow the prompts, adding all the info above. If this isn’t working for you, email everything to

Veteran Evvnt users will soon be thrilled. The company is developing a process for multiple listings for the same event: every Tuesday, the first Wednesday, etc. It will work like Google Calendars. Stay tuned.

We’ve been “preaching to the choir” here. You know what the paper looks like because you read it.

Thank you. Please tell all your friends and your organization’s members to look up your events on or in a paper copy. We want to be your go-to site for events.

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