My husband, four children and myself recently paid a visit to Kartchner Caverns. We "camped" in our travel trailer for four nights in the Kartchner Caverns State Park.

The second night of our trip, my husband came down with a toothache, causing him unbearable pain.

We drove into your City of Benson hoping to find relief for him. The local emergency room couldn't tell us if the doctors there would address the issue so we decided to try a local dentist. We called and left a message for "Benson Family Dentistry." Now, keep in mind this was a Sunday night, holiday weekend, the following day was Columbus day, and we are not established patients for this practice.

The [Dr. Barney] dentist promptly returned my call and had us meet him and his wife at his office after taking the time to give us detailed directions.

After meeting us there, while my husband was in the chair being tended to by this amazing dentist, I learned it was also their daughter's 13th birthday - Sunday night, holi day weekend, not an established patient and daughter's birthday.

I felt just awful pulling them away from their family! They assured me it was OK, not to feel bad and that that is what he was there for.

Amazing! It gets even more astounding. He gave my husband a temporary filling, eliminating the pain. When all was said and done, this dentist would not even accept payment for his services! Try doing that in the Phoenix metro area. Any one of the dentists in Phoenix would have taken full advantage of the Sunday night, holiday weekend and charged a fee that would have been unbelievably inflated. I even offered, while he and his wife were walking us out to our car, some cash to just buy them a dinner out. He refused. Not accepting anything but our sincere words of appreciation!

This man needs to be acknowledged for his good will. He is definitely an asset to your city and deserves recognition for what he has done.

This just doesn't happen in the big city!

Lori Lyle

Benson visitor