I had not been expecting Dean's call when he rang me up last month month. The Over The Hill gang was planning another trip and I was invited. Two years ago we packed into the Galiuros for a couple of days. I was anxious to see the Power mine and cabin.

As a group of six, we gathered at High Creek near Sunset where the Forest Service road ends and the trail begins. With the gear on two pack animals we rode up High Creek, around Kennedy Peak and down Corral Canyon to Power's Garden. There was another horse packing group occupying the house and backpackers camped in the pastures. A large fire pit and abundant fuel had everyone together in the evenings. The following day we rode over to the mine sites and visited the cabin.

Considerable effort was applied toward clearing trails. Part of the trip for this group was maintenance. The roof of one building at Power's Garden was repaired and the water line into the camp was improved.

This group is a loose group of friends, all senior citizens, for whom horse packing is a sport. I would not have expected men this old - Harold is almost eighty - to persevere through weather and overgrown trails but the mood was always cheerful and friendly.

I got to see the stamp mill I had understood was still standing. For many years I'd sought a mill still standing where it had operated. A stamp mill crushes rock by lifting and dropping large steel cylinders. One stands in the museum on Second St in Tucson but no one could tell me where it came from. There had been one near me between Dragoon and Manzora until the early seventies but that was just before I came to know Cochise County. I found that mill a few years ago in a private salvage yard in Tucson. The owner was showing me mining and railroad equipment when I commented, "That looks like a stamp mill cylinder." He had purchased the mill and hauled it from Manzora long ago.

A few months ago I took a friend out to Power's Hill in Rattlesnake Canyon. A friend of his wrote an historical fiction, With Blood In Their Eyes, published last month, about the flight of the Power brothers and he wanted to see the area. I was sad to see the Klondyke store had closed. With the publication of the novel, there will probably be a new round of interest in the Galiuros. I'll go with the Over The Hill Gang up to the Escudilla Wilderness above Alpine for a couple of days of high altitude riding. There will be at least a dozen riders. One couldn't ask for better company

EM Hendricks