To the editor:

Thank you to everybody who made the Victory Over Addiction event a success!

Vicki Stevens, for the idea; Ty and Heather Baze from the Salvation Army for their tremendous support and for providing the location and the food; Marty, Matthew, Sherry, and Patrice from the PAL Group for their participation; Ty, Randy, Kia, and Sybil for their Victory Over Addiction testimonies; to all the walkers; and to all the organizations who came out to participate: HOPE, Inc.; Hoop’s House; Heidi’s House; Community Medical Services; Cochise County Health and Social Services; The SOBER Project; Celebrate Recovery; Narcotics Anonymous, The Pathways Program; Arizona Complete Health; Community Health Associates; La Frontera/SEABHS; The Salvation Army, and Parents of Addicted Loved Ones.

A big thank you to the Legacy Foundation for sponsoring the event and to the Arizona Rangers and Cerendipitees for their support! What a great gathering of people who care about helping people out of addiction. If you or a loved one struggle with addiction, there is hope. You are not in this alone. We’re all here to help.

Becky Smyth