Kudos to our regional economic development foundation!

To the Editor:

Sierra Vista and Cochise County have a fantastic organization that often goes unnoticed but that works hard to help business in the area keep going and create jobs. That organization is the Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation.

Recently we were contacted by Executive Director Mignonne Hollis about a project that Arizona State University was doing and that they needed some help. Through her hard work and dedication we worked out an agreement with ASU to provide some products and services to them that could have been done in the Phoenix region or anywhere else but that work is now here locally. The project added five jobs to our business and has the potential to add ten more next year. We will also need to use the resources of other local businesses in Sierra Vista and other places in Cochise County.

I wanted to say thank you to the Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation Staff and Board of Directors for all of the hard work you do to enhance our economy. I certainly hope that the community celebrates the successes that you bring to the area to help ensure that we can continue to live and enjoy the wonderful place we call home: Cochise County.

Thank you,

Alan Baker

Partner, Baker Precision Firearms

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