Above the law

To the Editor:

The Democratic Party’s insane desire to impeach Donald Trump started the day he was elected and will continue forever, even though countless investigations have found No Collusion, No Obstruction, etc. These hate filled liberal politicians justify their actions by saying, “No One Is Above The Law”. REALLY??? This is the same party that wants use to ignore the border law, that has created illegal Sanctuary Cities, That wants to disband our ICE agency for enforcing the law, that looks the other way when Hillary Clinton destroys 30,000 government emails that had been subpoenaed, That actually lies in a House Intelligence hearing about what Trumps phone call with the Urkranian Leader said, etc. What a hypocritical CROCK. For the first time in American history we are watching the attempted COUP (overthrow) of a duly elected President. People joke about the Washington D.C. political SWAMP, but it’s very real and it’s out to destroy a President that isn’t a politician and doesn’t want to play their corrupt games. Pay attention folks, our countries Constitution and your freedom is under attack.

Richard Barr

Sierra Vista

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