Calling out these uniformed thugs

To the editor:

We should all be very, very concerned. President Trump, the autocrat in the making, has sanctioned an assortment of federal police units to “protect” the citizens of Portland and other cities and to guard federal property. In reality, these federal police units ( Read THUGS) are attacking peaceful protestors, clubbing mothers linked in arms, tear gassing veterans and exacerbating daily and nightly violence. The National Police Force reminds one of the Pretorian Guards of the Roman Empire whose functions were to protect the Emperors, carry out their dictates and instill fear among the Roman citizenry. The autocrat we call Trump is pursuing the same behaviors. He uses these anonymous federal police thugs, who lack personal identification or branch of service to terrorize US citizens engaging in their constitutional rights to protest in the streets. Shame on these uniformed thugs!

John Barthelme

Sierra Vista

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