To the Editor:

Reading this morning about the Senate passing a multi-trillion dollar stimulus package to assist individuals and businesses devastated by the coronavirus pandemic, two thoughts came to mind. The first was a feeling of utter disgust at the spectacle of our elected representatives (of both parties) who early on in this crisis spent their time trying to politicize the building disaster to now beating their chests in front of the cameras to take credit for their “bipartisan” efforts.

The fact that any sort of display of cooperation or putting the needs of the nation ahead of partisan agendas is newsworthy is sad at best.

My second thought concerned the payments that will apparently soon be going out to individuals and families based on their reported tax return income. There is probably no better way to measure relative need and get funds out quickly to people impacted by the shutdown of our economy. The reality, however, is there will be many hundreds of thousands or more who, while technically eligible for a payment, have not been seriously impacted economically, and whose lives will not be materially affected by $1,200 or $2,400 from the government.

The couple living comfortably on retirement income, the family with substantial assets, the business owners who are fortunate to not be seriously impacted or perhaps have even economically benefited from the current disruptions.

I hope all of us receiving the forthcoming checks will seriously look at their situations and consider donating these funds to those whose lives have been devastated.

If you personally know a family in need, use your stimulus bill payment to help pay their rent or make a car payment.

Consider donating your checks to your church, the local food bank, or any of the many organizations who are out there working to help people whose lives have been turned upside down.

Whether or not you choose to donate your relief check, take a moment to send an email or write a letter to your senators and congressional representatives demanding that they stop putting party ahead of country and demonstrate that they can work together for our common good.

Ted Berns

Sierra Vista

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