To the editor:

Please vote no on Proposition 305. As a former teacher, I have been paying attention to the war on public education for over 30 years.

This isn't only a war within our state, but one playing out nationally in strikes as teachers have reached a boiling point with lack of public school funding, no raises and pension threats. We, the people, need to demand fully funded public education!

Say no to Proposition 305's Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs). ESAs are vouchers that will take millions more dollars away from our already critically underfunded Arizona public schools.

Vouchers won't be enough for middle class families to afford private education, but will give the wealthy a $5,000 discount on private school tuition. These voucher discounts will come directly from public school funding.

Even after our Arizona teachers strike, Gov. Ducey and his majority legislators did not restore $800 million of the $1.2 billion they have cut over the past 10 years. The Arizona Legislature, however, has approved money for over 300 tax giveaways like $6 million for private jet storage while teachers and parents buy students' daily supplies and scrape by on meager salaries.

Please, vote no on Proposition 305!

Sue Thorne,


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