To the editor:

You may be too young to know the significant role the Buffalo Soldiers played in the history of the early settlement of Cochise County and Arizona. Nevertheless, upon my arrival at Fort Huachuca, in September 1987, there was a Buffalo Soldier Monument (BSM) honoring those brave black soldiers located at the Main Gate entry to the fort on Fry Boulevard. The monument was beautifully displayed and located on the southwest side of the gate entry with easy public access. However, decades later the decision was made to have the BSM relocated with little or no input from anyone if my memory servers me right. Visitors from around the world had pictures take of them, family members and friends standing next to the BSM when they toured this area which was always a boost to the local economy. However, in its current location and the difficulty visitors have gaining access to the fort the BSM is no longer accessibly friendly as in days gone by.

During the last two decades much effort has gone into revitalizing the west end (Fry Boulevard) of our beautiful city, and the effort has finally paid off in that the actual work is nearing completion according to Mayor Mueller in the City Council meeting this past Thursday evening. I believe for such a time as this it would be a most excellent and economically sound move to submit a request to the Commanding General, United States Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca, to have the Buffalo Soldier Monument relocated back to its original southwest side of the Main Gate entry location on Fry Boulevard.

Hopefully, this can be accomplished on or before work completion of the west end; what a great and glorious day of celebration it would be to have a simultaneous ribbon cutting honoring the events!

Stan Williams

Sierra Vista