To the editor,

In case some of your readers don’t know about Mesnard’s loophole and the discussion around Proposition 208, I thought I’d bring it back up and add a few thoughts.

Teachers, students, parents, families, friends, and administrators worked very hard to get Proposition 208 passed. It promised our students a much-needed increase in funding, and promised teachers, like myself, a little boost as well. I do not think it is in the spirit of great state of Arizona to steal this money back from its schools. Schools need funding badly. We are 49th in the nation, that is really embarrassing. I am also ashamed that the senate has not allowed Democrats to even speak on the matter claiming that Mesnard’s loophole has nothing to do with Proposition 208. That’s not debate! I can only hope that we do better in the House. A 3.5% increase in taxes to those who make more than $250,000 won’t hurt, but our students have been hurting for a long time. Let’s come together and do this the right way for our students. Let’s show the nation that we are better than 49th place losers.

Amy L. Brown, English teacher