SWCC — the question not asked

To the Editor:

Wednesday’s front page article “FIGHTING BACK — SWCC director answers questions about organization’s mission” was enlightening. We now know the Southwestern Communities Coalition (SWCC) is registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission with board members listed. However, as the article discloses, apparently two of the listed board members have already left the organization’s board for unexplained reasons. Also listed as a board member, is Mike Reinbold, development partner with El Dorado Benson LLC, who along with Lanny Davis, the attorney representing El Dorado Holdings spoke at the first public meeting of SWCC. The article reveals, Director Brian Seasholes previously worked for various anti-environmental legislation groups; among which are; the Reason Foundation, a 501©(3) nonprofit organization supported by contributions from individuals, foundations, corporations, including Koch Family Foundations, Big Tobacco (disputing EPA findings on secondhand smoke) and Big Oil (climate denial). The Property and Environment Research Center PERC, the self-described as the home of free market environmentalism, Another Climate Change Denying “think tank” with similar but obscured funding sources. Mr. Seasholes has continued as a private consultant lobbying against environmental protecting laws. The one question, which should be of great interest, the Herald Review did not ask of this purported “grassroots” group is; who is paying Director Seasholes salary, expenses, and the professionally produced SWCC web-site?

Michael Brown

Sierra Vista

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