To the editor:

I feel I have to write a letter to the editor because when I write my elected reps at the county or state level they usually do not respond or ignore my intelligent, needed requests for govt. action. First the S.V. govt. should repave Charleston Rd east of Hwy 90 by the Burger King and MLK Blvd west of the light at the entrance to Lowe’s asap.They are several months late to do this. Second is is the excessive noise in S.V. especially caused by straight pipe exhaust V Twin motorcycles and late model Mustang and Dodge muscle cars mostly that you can hear accelerating more than half mile away!

In the early ‘90s S.V. Council banned booming bass noise from cars that mostly hurt the cars occupants. Now the nose pollution affects everyone outside of cars and causes stress.Municipal noise laws have been around for over 100 years! Hearing aids don’t work for me. If the local govts. don’t act this year Sean Lawley should provide new noise protectors to everyone from Home Depot. Last time I checked two years ago they were $29 out the door for the good ones. Once you lose your hearing it’s gone forever.

Henry Copeland

Sierra Vista