Give pets a loving home

To the editor:

Saturday afternoon, after a morning of beautiful hiking in the Chiricahuas, I decided to drive to Apple Annie’s for some fresh produce before heading home to Green Valley. As I was driving along Fort Grant Road I recall swerving around a box in the road. I didn’t really give it much thought.

After getting some delicious produce I decided to stop at the Country General store for a cup of coffee. As I was about to enter I noticed a woman holding a young kitten. She said that she had stopped to remove a box from the road and found the kitten inside. How could anyone do that? Thank goodness there are wonderful people in this world like the woman who picked up that kitten. Not only that, but she had stopped to purchase milk for the kitten which she said she would be keeping. Thank goodness there are kind hearted people like this woman.

Please, if you have a pet you cannot keep, find a loving home for them.

Marysia Czachor

Green Valley