A call to vote for Martha McSally

To the editor:

My family a cattle ranch near the Mexico border, which has been in the family since the 1880’s. For over 20 years we have been plagued with illegal immigrants traveling through the border and coming into the United States illegally. Along the way they ruined environment and robbed people close to the border. Drug evidence was commonplace. Ranchers were forced to pick up trash at their own health peril. Cattle and wildlife died due to ingesting of trash. Thousands of gallons of water were lost due to illegal aliens draining water tanks.

We had no help until Martha was elected to Congress. Two weeks after being sworn in she brought 21 members of the Homeland Security Committee to the border so that they could meet people and see the failures of the border fence. Shortly thereafter, Border Patrol deployment was changed to move more agents closer to the border, which slowed down the illegal traffic.

Attack ads by Mark Kelly state that she voted against pre-existing medical conditions. ACA (Obamacare) is not the only way to protect people with pre-existing conditions. In April of 2019, Martha introduced the Protect Act that would ensure affordable coverage for pre-existing conditions. On September 30 of this year she voted again for this bill, but the vote was blocked in the Senate by Chuck Schumer, thus allowing the minority to claim that she opposes covering pre-existing conditions.

I urge you to vote for Martha McSally and to read her book, Dare to Fly.

Peggy Davis