Concern over Crosby’s view on cultures

To the editor:

I have heard Tom Crosby lecture several times about the problems with the state pension fund. But he has never said what he would do about it. I see only a couple options, reducing benefits or raising taxes. I wonder what Mr. Crosby would prefer to do. But Mr. Crosby has always been clear on his views on other cultures. In the Sierra Vista Herald, 4/28/2011 he said : “I do not generally support the philosophies of multiculturalism and cultural diversity. In my opinion, these philosophies sow the seeds of their own destruction,” Crosby said. “They undermine our civilization’s traditional, cultural and moral values.” And the minutes of the City Council Meeting of May 24, 2012 reflect where where Mr. Crosby again states his view on Cultural Diversity stating “The danger is failure to give adequate appreciation to our own culture, and thus diminish Christendom, the exceptionalism of the US Constitution, and the primacy of Western Civilization”. An individual with these views should not be on the Cochise County Board of Supervisors, or hold any other public office.

Bruce Dockter

Sierra Vista

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