To the Editor:

With “The Party of Trump” fanning the flames of conspiracy theories left and right (pun intended), I thought that I’d create one of my own.

The Party of Trump wants the federal prison system to fail, by underfunding and understaffing. One result? The suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, who should have been on suicide watch after a failed suicide a month ago but who was left alone in his cell, unmonitored. Why? Because The Party of Trump wants the federal system of prisons to fail in order to privatize the prison system by creating a system of “for-profit prisons.”

This for-profit model would disproportionately incarcerate those individuals who, in the president’s own words, “live-in rat-infested cities.”

Who could do this? Eric Prince or someone with his background and experience. Mr. Prince was a U.S. Navy SEAL officer and founder of the government services and security company Blackwater USA – now known as Academi – which is a private military company currently providing security services to the United States federal government on a contractual basis.

Although Mr. Prince is now chairman of a private equity firm and no longer associated with Academi, he has on many occasions advocated not only for a privatized system of federal prisons, but also a privatized federal military organization such as Academi.

Privatized, for-profit prisons? Privatized, for-profit military services? Crazy? Perhaps. Do-able? Definitely. Desirable? Absolutely Not!

Richard Donahue

Huachuca City

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