To the editor:

I strongly concur with the Herald/Review’s Sunday Opinion that our elected leaders have a responsibility to uphold the confidence of citizens in the election process. However, the piece included one serious falsehood and one glaring omission.

The author claimed “Every American, regardless of creed, color, or conviction shares the sadness and embarrassment of this event” (the riot at the US Capitol). Sadly, that is far from true. Not only has a poll of Americans found more than one third of Republicans support the rioters, a Republican US Senator is on video giving them a clenched-fist salute.

And the glaring omission was the failure to identify who is to blame for the lies that fomented and directed the riot. It was not some across-the-political-spectrum, random group of “politicians” It was despicable Donald Trump and his deplorable cult followers in government and in right-wing media. Four years ago, Trump whined that the election was rigged right up until he won. Then suddenly it was fine. This time everything about the election was exactly the same, but he lost, and he and his lackeys have been throwing a temper tantrum of lies ever since. The election was not stolen. There was no massive fraud of illegal voting. Trump did not win by a landslide. Every investigation, legal case, and recount found it was a fair and honest election.

We will never solve this problem until we honestly face exactly who is responsible and hold them accountable.

Gordon Douglas