To the editor:

Around 1975 or ‘76 they had a big storm at the mine in Cananea, Mexico.

It broke the dam on the leaching system and all of the arsenic and heavy metal got into the San Pedro. A local rancher lost a couple of cows before he could get the rest of them out, and a horse was lost somewhere south of Louis Springs.

But the funny thing is, none of the poison got into any of the wells along the river, especially that of Palominas.

Why? The river flows in a big (conduit) of caliche (clay), and none of the surrounding aquifers get into the river or vice versa. For a long time, I have been trying to get someone to drill a well in the middle of the river — say 150 feet. Go east and west 1,000 feet and drill the well the same depth, and I’ll bet you’ll get a different PH of water and not a drop of it in the river.

My personal wish is for Trump to abolish the BLM in Arizona.

RL “Dick” Brooks,

Sierra Vista