Own your principles

To the Editor:

Alternative realities provide our opinions a home away from home, and our ignorance first class accommodations. Reflecting back on the 10 Dec issue of the Herald/Review, I was struck by a Letter to the Editor underlining the author’s support of Trump as he faces impeachment.

In this case, the author chose to incorporate snippets of “information” from pro-Trump media sources that were intended to excite the reader’s emotions at the expense of their intellect, a common theme if you’re tracking modus operandi.

Personally, to educate my own ignorance, I would’ve preferred reading the author’s reasoned thoughts about the impeachment process from a pro-Trump perspective. Watching history unfold before me on CNN/Fox News, whatever side I’m sitting on, I don’t disagree with the other side, I disagree with your chosen spokesperson’s behavior and values.

Publicly defending Trump’s actions and words without becoming ensnared by them is a tricky proposition these days, and I respect the author’s efforts. For me, deciding what’s right and what’s wrong in this world is not a difficult decision because I own my principles and they’re not for sale — or temporarily on loan to someone else.

Tom Estes

Sierra Vista

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