Principle values drive the individual

To the Editor:

Deciding right from wrong is neither conditional nor multiple-choice.

Most humans rely on their principles, or moral compass, to guide their morally correct behavior and attitudes. These can be unique to the individual, or more commonly, shared by society. In my case, these principles were established early in life by my parents and later reinforced during my military and civil service careers.

On paper, I’m the mythical American hero. In print, I’m the antithesis of this, fair game for the deep-state, elitist label popular with conspiracy theorists and political pundits alike.

Fortunately for me, these opinions are none of my business as my principles are time tested and set in stone. I accept other humans aren’t so fortunate, and because of this, they’re more vulnerable to the influence and/or manipulation inflicted by other humans.

As a word of warning, in today’s caustic and divisive political climate, an unprincipled human is fair game whether you’re selling them a faulty smartphone, a gram of heroin, or an alternative reality. Ask yourself, are you principled, unprincipled, or simply along for the ride?

Tom Estes

Sierra Vista

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