Casting your vote is crucial in Cochise County

To the editor:

Every now and then I find myself getting curious about something. Today I looked at how many county offices would be settled on August 4th in the Primary election. Of the twelve Cochise County offices up for election, seven have only one candidate — the incumbent. Of the remaining five, it’s a mixed bag. After choosing one of three Republican candidates, JP 5 will have a General Election race in November with the Republican and the one Democratic candidate. For the Superior Court Division 5 seat, one of two Republicans will run against one Democratic and one No Party candidate. This race is interesting in that Superior Court candidates are partisan in the Primary and non-partisan in the General Election.

Finally, there are the three Board of Supervisor District races. District One and Three will both be settled in the Primary with a Republican winner. District Two has a Primary race with two Democratic candidates. That person will then run against one Republican, and one write-in candidate in the November election.

So, for anyone who believes their vote doesn’t count, think about the results of my curiosity. I also urge you, if you haven’t already done so already, go online to and request an Early Ballot. Skip the line, skip the heat, mail it in early. Last day to request this is July 24th.

Judy Gignac

Sierra Vista

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