To the editor:

Around the time of the 2020 election the Sierra Vista Herald published an editorial which laid out the beliefs/principles of Tom Crosby, candidate for District One Board of Supervisors. Since I can no longer find the actual editorial, unfortunately I cannot quote from it. What I do recall is that his ‘principles’ centered around state and federal issues. He rarely, if ever, spoke of issues impacting Cochise County. The November 2020 editorial, I thought, was a bit too late since the election had already been held and Mr. Crosby was the winner. Today, the March 26th edition of the Herald, also had an editorial about Mr. Crosby’s ‘principled’ stand on issues. The editorial pointed out that they were issues which would have been better served by his running for the state legislature or U.S. Congress. None of his votes on major issues would help Cochise County. The November 2020 editorial I believe labeled him ‘disruptive’. This Sunday’s editorial labeled his ‘principles’ as ineffective. So why was he elected? I wish I knew.

Judy Gignac

Sierra Vista