A plea for masks

To the editor:

This is an abbreviated version of a letter sent from the medical staff of the Benson Hospital to the mayor and city council of Benson:

As doctors who care for you, your neighbors, and your family at the Benson Hospital and in local clinics, we respectfully request that you enact a requirement for universal wearing of face masks in public. Only the universal adoption of face masks, social distancing, and the avoidance of large gatherings can hope to slow the spread of Covid-19, spare our overwhelmed healthcare system, and save lives. One in fifty Arizonans have been infected. Over 2,500 have died. Cochise county has over 1,100 cases. As medical providers, we are doing everything we can to care for those who are getting sick. Now you, the mayor and city council of Benson, must do everything you can to help people to keep from getting sick.

Barbara Hartley MD, Chief of Staff

Mazda Shirazi, Vice-Chief of Staff

John Sandoval MD

Michael Gray MD

Lisa Cella-Miller NP

David Brower MD

Nicklette Johnston NP

Joshua Clutter MD

Marcos Teran MD

Bruce Gleason MD

Angela Overturf NP

Soheila Nouri MD

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