To the editor:

House of Representative bill 1(HR1) is what the Speaker of the house deems the most important bill (really). It’s called “For the People Act”. It has already passed the House and is now in the Senate as Senate bill 1 (S1). The majority leader also deems this his most important bill. It allows for universal mail- in-ballots with no signature verification. Any interaction with the government and you are automatically registered to vote. So, getting a driver license, applying for unemployment, welfare etc. automatically registers you to vote.

This will allow millions of illegals in the country to vote. If they are caught voting illegally they face no liability. If you enroll in a university you are automatically registered to vote. Convicted criminals will be allowed to vote. Prevents states from removing dead people from the voter’s rolls and allow ballot harvesting. All states that have voter ID laws (29 states have voter ID laws including Arizona) would be struck down. 80% of registered voters approve of voter ID requirements. For every dollar a politician raises in campaign contributions the tax payers will match six dollars.

Plus, while running for office the politician can pay themselves from this fund. The Federal Election Commissions have three republicans and three democrats on this commission. This bill changes this so that more democrats are on this commission. If the commission does not agree with a politician’s add they can fine that politician, guess what party will be fined? Also, this violates this constitution.

Marc Hay

Sierra Vista