Unemployment insurance safety net is broken

To the editor:

I have been a nurse for the past 10 years, who involuntarily lost my job in May due to Covid-19 testing . I have been trying to get Unemployment Insurance benefits for the past 8 weeks. The AZ UI agency/department is not answering ANY follow up calls over the past 8 weeks, nor do they appear to be resolving any “UNRESOLVED ISSUES” that their website claims tax paying citizens claimants accounts have. I have called over 15 different days over the past month and there is absolutely no one answering the calls or any way of leaving a message. I have even reached out to the department/agency Ombudsman via email and attempted to file a complaint, to which there was an excuse that “agency is overwhelmed”, “working to address claims” response was received. Two months is ample time to address any issue a claim may have. This is simply not acceptable! I am sure MANY tax paying citizens are going through the same issue currently! This issue MUST BE ADDRESSED by local media agencies as the public has no way of going to any office or addressing anyone about the problem. Here is the number that claimants are advised to call 1-877-600-2722. The “safety net” put in place to protect citizens is broken and a complete collapse is imminent!

Meda Hederson


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