A need to cover local politics

To the editor:

There is approximately three weeks until the August 4 primary election vote-by-mail ballots arrive for Cochise county voters. In the run up to this election editorials of the Herald/Review have often encouraged voters to be aware of the issues and how their current elected officials have been governing. Yet, during this same period the paper has had almost no coverage of local candidates, their campaigns, and the issues.

In Cochise County there are over a dozen candidates for various office including incumbents for county Sheriff, supervisor, judges, state senate and state representative, among others. Most of these offices have challengers within their party or of the opposition party. The area also has a contested primary for the U.S. House of Representatives congressional district.

There has been little to no coverage. In 2018 when I ran for state representative, coverage of my campaign for both the primary and general election was one story with 200 words. When newspapers such as the Herald/Review want the public to value them, they need to do their job and cover local politics in a serious way.

Bob Karp

Candidate for State Senate LD14

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