To the editor:

To each member of the Chihuahua Community Health Center, Inc, warmest congratulations on your successful Covid-vaccination Clinic, held Saturday, January 9th, at the old K-mart parking lot held for seniors 75 years of age and health care providers. I am very thankful, you have given us hope, all those anxious moments, along with all the strife, pain, and suffering we have experienced, will soon be over.

The spectrum of the expanded health care facilities that Chihuahua’s CEO, Dr Jonathon Melk, his wife, Dr Darlene Melk, and staff is vital and critical for the well-being of this community. Charity comes in many forms, embodied in your healthcare service. Your purpose, creed, and dedication will prevail with your leadership. Dr. Melk, I appreciate in totality all of your efforts. May everyone in your organization continue to enjoy vibrant health and prosperity. Congratulations, to all.

Ben La Forge