To the editor:

Cochise County Supervisor Peggy Judd’s Facebook page has documented her journey to Washington DC to protest certifying votes for Joe Biden. Some of her posts have since been removed.

Ms. Judd claims that she did not enter the US Capitol on 01-06-2021 when the insurrection occurred, but she was, apparently, in DC to support Donald Trump’s seditious call to action.

Ms. Judd’s FB page also repeats a conspiracy theory which blames Antifa for violently storming the US Capitol. I find that rather disingenuous and cowardly. She might at least own up to who took part in the insurrection. Photos and video clearly show leaders of extremist groups such as Proud Boys, Q-Anon, white supremacist groups, and other supporters of President Trump who called for weapons to be brought to Washington DC.

I’m sure Ms. Judd was just as shocked as everyone else when things got so out of hand and violent. And I’m sure she does not want to be seen as being complicit in the insurrection. But, as the saying goes, “when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

I believe that Ms. Judd owes it to the people of Cochise County to publicly denounce Donald Trump and his followers for the attempted coup at the US Capitol Building. If not, she should resign her seat as Cochise County Supervisor. The citizens of Cochise County should not tolerate a supervisor who supports acts of sedition, acts of insurrection, or any attempt to undermine democracy.

Elizabeth Lopez

Sierra Vista